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RFWClan NewsAll RFW members with Xfire and Steam Accounts are now required to join the RFW Xfire and Steam Groups:

To join the Xfire group please sign up at the Xfire RFW Clan Page. You will only be able to join If you have an Xfire account.

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Please also add your Xfire and/or Steam accounts details to your forum profile.
Battlefield 4 PC system requirements released
Battlefield 4DICE has released the full system requirements for Battlefield 4, ahead of its release in October.

Released on Twitter, DICE recommends Windows 8 as the title's optimal platform.


The full specs:

Minimum Requirements

Windows Vista SP2 32-bit
(with KB971512 platform update)

AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHZ
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ


Graphics Card
AMD Radeon HD 3870
Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT

Graphics Memory
512 MB

Hard Drive
30 GB


Windows 8 64-bit

AMD Six-Core CPU
Intel Quad-Core CPU

8 GB

Graphics Card
AMD Radeon HD 7870
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660

Graphics Memory
3 GB

Hard Drive
30 GB

DICE released a Battlefield 4 weapon customisation video earlier this week, along with the promise of "astronomical" possibilities with custom options.

The new installment will also feature a new vehicle test range, which is designed to help users become accustomed to handling helicopters and jets before entering a game.

Battlefield 4 will release on October 31. It will also launch for next-gen consoles at an unspecified date.

After Eight Years, Battlefield Project Reality Hits 1.0
BF2 News
Any time I see people running at airborne helicopters, I think of that scene from The Protector where a screaming man leaps off a skyscraper and toward a fleeing helicopter/his certain doom for the sole purpose of kneeing someone in the face.

I havenít played Battlefield 2′s Project Reality mod (or any Battlefield 2, really) in ages, but this is still a very exciting occasion. Eight years. Thatís how long itís taken one of the best-known mods out there to be deemed fit for 1.0 status. Itís been more than playable (DOUBLE PLAYABLE) for probably longer than Iíve been alive, though, and itís proven succulent with delicious intrigues time and time again. In my experience, rigorous team play is the name of the game, and anything less is met with swift, pulpy, never timely (yet always right on time) death.

Looks pretty spiffy, huh? Now time for a newsflash: actual gameplay unfolds nothing like that. The Project Reality matches Iíve played were eight thousand parts precise planning, four thousand parts preparation, and one part execution. I was, of course, typically the one getting executed, but it was super great. Thereís just so much more on the line when a single stray bullet can easily puree your brain and your squadís plan of attack (or defense, or anything else) is the lovingly conceived child of your loins. Mental loins. Itís still pretty gross, though.

In addition to all the Project Reality staples (new vehicles, weapons, modes, constructible defenses, destructibles, overhauled class systems, overhauled weapon handling, etc, etc, etc), version 1.0 includes the following:

  • All new PR Game Launcher and Updater.

  • 100 player servers and 8 player squads.

  • Integrated Positional Voice Chat (PR Mumble).

  • 40 total maps, including 6 brand new maps.

  • Updates to existing maps.

  • 2 new factions: African Resistance Fighters and French Armed Forces.

  • New vehicles and weapons.

  • New kit geometries for multiple factions.

  • Added Machine Gunner and Spotter kits.

  • Reworked rally point system.

  • New sounds and special effects (explosions, etc).

  • Overhauled weapon handling and deviation.

  • Countless other bug fixes, tweaks and changes.

That is a lot of things. Enough to make me idly wonder why DICE has decided they donít like mods anymore, because come on: look at all of that. But I suppose itís tough to justify letting your fans keep your game alive until the day fields rise up and begin battling atop humans when you havenít found a way to (ugh) monetize that sort of thing yet.

Oh gosh, now Iíve gone and made myself all angry and monitor-punchy. OK, OK, letís just breathe. Inhale the new mod update fumes emanating from Project Realityís direction. Mmmm, isnít that nice? Smells like a Good Thing. Perhaps Ė just for a few moments Ė we can sit back, relax, and be satisfied with that.

Project Reality 1.0 will be yours to download on August 2nd.

Skyrim on the Oculus Rift is a real possibility
HardwareOculus Rift dev kits are out in the wild, and while it's been exciting to see titles like Hawken and Team Fortress adapted for the device, nothing quite matches this.

YouTube user Chris Gallizzi has posted footage of Skyrim working with the Oculus Rift, and while it's impossible to know exactly how well it works, this is still some tantalising footage.

In the event of a proper Oculus Rift port, it'll be interesting to see how the transition from first person to third will be resolved (note the awkwardness when the player mounts his horse).

Thanks to Kotaku.

Watch Team Fortress 2 being played with Oculus Rift and omni treadmill

Oculus Rift developer kits are starting to flood budding developers everywhere, producing promising results in some of our favourite games. The we already knew that you could play Team Fortress 2 with the Oculus Rift, but someone has taken it a step further by combining it with a ďVirtuix Omni TreadmillĒ. It certainly looks like a lot of hard work, running around and fragging your enemies, but man does it look immersive.

Take a look for yourself:

Looks fun doesnít it, but I donít know how long I could keep it up before I was a sweaty mess. Also, there isnít a price on that treadmill yet, so itís unknown if this is a realistic purchase or just a distant dream.

Thanks Road to VR.

God Mode launch trailer marks gameís Steam release
Steam News

Four-player co-op shooter God Mode has released on Steam, this special occasionís been marked with a new trailer showing off frenetic hordes of evil-killing action.

Looks like a gloriously shallow experience.

God Mode doesnít seem to have any delusions of grandeur. Itís about shooting lots of demons, big and small, with lots of guns, big and small, until either your or they fall over dead. Thereís nothing wrong with having clear, simple aims and if God Mode has the gunfeel nailed then it could be an excellent way to spend £7.

It's great that God Mode doesn't come wrapped up in an eight-hour story mode riddled with cutscenes, escort missions, and painfully unfunny sidekicks (that said, I still stand by my wish to punch the immortal our of the game's narrator). Too many games seem to miss the brilliance that can be captured by perfecting mechanics rather than covering up game faults with story.

You can pick up God Mode on Steam.

CryEngine 3 software showcase video
GraphicsA look at some of the creations powered by Crytek's latest engine

Crytek has released a new video to showcase some of the software that has been created using its latest development tools in CryEngine 3.

The video was put together as part of the showreel for GDC last week, and demonstrates the diversity of the engine.

Originally released to developers in 2009, CryEngine 3 was made available for free to everyone for non-commercial use in 2011.

Crytek showed off a stunning tech demo for the newest version of the engine late last year, which powered Crytek's latest title, Crysis 3.

Unreal 4 Engine Trailer Is Spectacular

The purpose of Unreal 4′s increasingly elaborate vignette story trailers eludes me, since they are basically devoid of any game context, and might as well be rendered or something. However, I canít deny that the latest Ė a leak spotted by the Big K Ė is an extraordinary sight. Go take a look, below.

The Thief 4 Debut Trailer

Good day. You might well have seen the Thief [just Thief now, not Thief 4] teaser trailer. But have you seen the full debut trailer? No? Well, itís around here somewhere.

First look: Battlefield 4 aims to win the FPS war - but on its own terms
Battlefield 4

John Riccitiello may be firmly in the rearview mirror of the EA monolith but his stated philosophy concerning its flagship shooter is still in place, it seems.

From the evidence on display at Battlefield 4's first reveal of its FPS in the Skandia Teatern in Stockholm last night, EA seems to be after two things. First, it wants to lay an unshakable claim to having one of this year's biggest releases. Second, and admittedly, this is extrapolating, to an extent; it wants to eclipse its competition.

Make no mistake, Battlefield is still chasing Call Of Duty's brass ring; a feat that its developer DICE almost achieved back in 2011 with the last iteration in the series. Battlefield 3 earned universal acclaim from its layered and gargantuan online multiplayer, but its Achilles' Heel - and what many considered held it back from the lofty heights of its competitor - was its tepid and forgettable single-player campaign.

Click Read More for the full article
WARFACE Puts Its War In Your Face
War - check. Face - check. All good, then

Warface. Hereís your first look at a new trailer for Crytekís free to play FPS WARFACE, which has a presumably extremely warfaced narrator talk very sternly about the importance of choice and opposites. Warface. What he means is that there are two sides in WARFACE, and perhaps youíd like to play as one or the other of them. Warface.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun recently described WARFACE as ďthe quiet one thatís smarter and more likeable than CoD, and not as handsome as Battlefield.Ē Warface. I suppose the latter is extra-true in the wake of last nightís Battlefield 4 reveal, but even so this is some pretty darn-tootiní snazzy pixel-magicks as these things go.

That narrator sounds very much as though heís about to break into a Bane impression any minute. Warface.

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